Welcome to the Geneva Baseball & Softball League Site

All youth baseballers, softballers, and parents we are pleased to announce the return of Fall ball. Starting August 26th and running through the fall break, we invite all to come out to Vessy on Saturday mornings from 9:30-12:00am. We’ll meet you all diamond!

Anyone interested in trying out baseball or softball is encouraged to come out and play with us. Parents and adults, any help you can provide to the kids is most welcome. If you have any questions get in touch with your commissioners, send an email, or call Michael MOHAN at 0787178760. 

As the MLB baseball season runs on and the little league World Series is in full bloom, let’s play some ball and not just watch it. See you on Saturday!

The Geneva Baseball & Softball League is a non-profit, volunteer-run baseball & softball league in Geneva, Switzerland. We aim to teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball in an environment which promotes sportsmanship and teamwork.

In early 2017, we joined forces and united all baseball and softball leagues in the Geneva-area to form part of a single organization, thus providing more opportunities for YOU to get into the field and PLAY BALL!  

There are four sub-Leagues within the GBSL for you to participate:

  • Youth Geneva Baseball & Softball League – Our core.  For boys & girls between 4-18 years old. Local games with opportunities to represent Geneva in nation-wide competition.
    • 5 divisions to chose from:  T-ball (4 to 7 years old), Coaches Pitch (8-10), Minors (11-13), Majors (14 -18), and Softball (12-18).
  • Adult Baseball League – The Geneva Dragons .  For players over 15 years old, representing Geneva throughout the French-Speaking region of Switzerland.
  • Women’s Fast Pitch Softball League – The Geneva Jets .  For women over 15 years old, representing Geneva throughout all of Switzerland.
  • Adult Slow-Pitch Softball League – A Co-ed softball League truly representing the diverse population of our city.  Local games only.

Now that the season is under way, all league practices and most home games are played at the Centre Sportif de Vessy.
Any child and or youth player interested in trying out baseball/softball or the league is invited to come out to the Vessy diamond on Saturday mornings. We’d be happy for them to try it out. We can even lend them a glove for the day.
Any adult or youth player 16 and older looking to play some baseball should come to our Adult Practice on Thursday evenings.

If you are ready to join the league, please visit the Registration page to find out how to sign up. See you on the field!