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Registration for 2018 is open

We are excited to begin another unforgettable season!

Geneva Baseball and Softball League registration is open for all 4-18 year old boys and girls.
Go to the following link to register for the up-coming season:
Register for the up-coming season now!
Pre-season Early bird fees – before March 17
T-ball and Coach Pitch                                      125 CHF,    75 CHF  without a uniform
Minors, Majors, Cadets and Youth Softball       200 CHF,  150 CHF  without a uniform

Regular fees – After March 17
T-ball and Coach Pitch                                       150 CHF,   100 CHF without a uniform   
Minors, Majors, Cadets and Youth Softball.       225 CHF,   175 CHF without a uniform 

Starting dates 2018

  • Exhibition/Come and Play Days March 10+17 10:00am-12:00pm
  • Assessment Day: March 24 10:00 am -12:00pm
  • Spring Training Day: March 31 10:00am -12:00pm
  • Opening Day: April 7 9:00am-12:00pm

Swiss League/Travel Teams
GBSL has a U15 Cadets travel team participating in the Swiss Baseball League. For U12 players we have opportunities as well for competition outiside of Geneva. The level of play and practice is increased compared with that of our intra-league games played on a weekly basis in Geneva, but still focused on player development and fostering sportsmanship.
If your child would like to participate in one of these teams, please be sure to indicate this on the Registration Form!

Call for Volunteers!
Our league started 1959 and it’s thanks to volunteers that we are here in 2017 entertaining, educating and developing the baseball skills and sportsmanship of hundreds of youth.
We need your help as this league would not and cannot exist without parent volunteers.
So, we ask you to “step up to the plate” and give what you can to continue making a great team sport, great for youth in our community.

We can always use help with coaching, league administration, communication, publicity, registration, equipment, uniforms, merchandising, awards, fields and facilities, events, tournaments, clinics, umpires and sponsorships.
Want to pitch in? Contact us at contact@genevabaseball.ch.

New This Year – Coaches Clinic

Many of our parent Coaches have been through Swiss J+S Certification training. We would love to show you what we learned on how to run a practice, coaching youth, and different baseball drills.



Spread the word about Geneva Baseball!

Share, announce, and post GBL flyers with friends, your schools, work, organizations and affiliations. We welcome you to participate in our free, open-to-the-public Baseball Exhibition/come and play Days on March 17th and 24th, 10am-12pm.

Come to Vessy and get ready for the season or try some baseball or softball.

Kids Friday Jersey Days – Wear your GBL Jersey to school on Fridays!

If your school doesn’t mind, show everyone how much you love baseball and softball and the Geneva Baseball League!


Baseball in Schools – We’d love to visit your school or class!
We’ve been to dozens of schools over the last three years; showing, teaching, and PLAYING baseball both indoors and out. Let your school know and let us know too. We’ll be there with a surprise or two.
We are looking forward to taking the field with you!

The Geneva Baseball & Softball League is a non-profit, volunteer-run baseball & softball league in Geneva, Switzerland. We aim to teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball in an environment which promotes sportsmanship and teamwork.

In early 2017, we joined forces and united all baseball and softball leagues in the Geneva-area to form part of a single organization, thus providing more opportunities for YOU to get into the field and PLAY BALL!  

There are four sub-Leagues within the GBSL for you to participate:

  • Youth Geneva Baseball & Softball League – Our core.  For boys & girls between 4-18 years old. Local games with opportunities to represent Geneva in nation-wide competition.
    • 5 divisions to chose from:  T-ball (4 to 7 years old), Coaches Pitch (8-10), Minors (11-13), Majors (14 -18), and Softball (12-18).
  • Adult Baseball League – The Geneva Dragons .  For players over 15 years old, representing Geneva throughout the French-Speaking region of Switzerland.
  • Women’s Fast Pitch Softball League – The Geneva Jets .  For women over 15 years old, representing Geneva throughout all of Switzerland.
  • Adult Slow-Pitch Softball League – A Co-ed softball League truly representing the diverse population of our city.  Local games only.

If you are ready to join the league, please visit the Registration page to find out how to sign up. See you on the field!