Fall ball – communication to T-ballers

Dear T-ballers and parents,

Fall ball is starting this Saturday 26th, however coaches for T-ball won’t be present. Therefore, Fall ball for T-ballers will officially start next Saturday 2nd of September.

I can already hear T-ballers telling their parents “but, I wanted so much to go and play ball again!!”… so feel free to join near the diamond, and we might find some helping parents or other division coaches who will lead the practice.

If any question regarding this communication, please contact me christophe.steulet@gmail.com


2017 Team pictures

The season is over and it is time to enjoy team pictures.
Go to “play ball” menu tab -> 2017 season.
(Photos are full size and may be slow to load.)

If you have any pictures you would like to share on the website, please contact us.

We are especially missing Majors and Softball team pictures!

Saturday April 1 – OPENING DAY

Opening DAY
Saturday April 1, 2017

Opening Day is upon us.
We want you to come out enjoy the great game of Baseball.
Whether you’re Major or Minor, a C-Pitcher or Tee-Baller, a Softballer or a Veteran, a Coach or a Volunteer, we need YOU.

Everything you need to know about our Picnic on Sunday

Dear Parents,

we are very excited to invite you to our annual picnic on Sunday. In case you are unclear on some things we have bullet point some key things below. For instance where to RSVP, which food to bring etc. If you have not seen it yet, click on our video invite…you will see our kids in action.

    T-ball – beverages and desserts
    Coaches Pitch – beverages and hearty salads/savory dishes
    Minors – beverages and hearty salads/savory dishes
    Majors – beverages and desserts
    Softball – beverages and dessert